Thursday, November 26, 2009

This report is written to analyse the possibility to have in our university a special room for the students when they are not in class ,like a meeting between them to talk,study and a comfortable place to wait when they have a break and don't know where to go.

The most conving arguments in favour of this idea are the following:
The necessity of all the students to have a place where they can rest when they have long breaks and need a comfortable and appropiate place to do this.
On the other hand,there isn't a great place in the university where could be all of them.The canteen is so small,the students have to wait at least one hour to have lunch or find a table to study and other places as the library, you can't eat and you have to remain silent.Thus these are not a good place to satisfy the necessities of them.

I would recomend a room near the yard because there you can enyoy freely with out be worried if you make noise or bother to someone.It's necessary to implement the room with atractive things for the students as a television,a radio, and some armchairs.
There is not doubt that if we are listened and the director accept this proposal,we will have students more engaged and satisfied with the university and the service that it give them.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crime and Environment Review
Torture has existed in many countries even in our society.Some people receive corporal punishment because they have another sort of thought or ideology that are opposite to the rules,doctrines or political system of that country.
Nowadays,there are organizations that help to the people that have been tortured.It provide them psychosocial assistance,therapies and different levels of support with the help of professionals.
Grafitti is a good way to express our feelings about different topics in which we are in favor or in against.The problem is when you paint in walls where you can't paint for example in private places as houses.You need to request permission to paint it and the expression that you want to
do, it can't damage the image of the country.
Drunk Driving:
It is one of the worst crimes that make a person.It is so irresponsible driving when you are drunk.You have to think that you can have an accident and kill innocent people.

"Care your life and the other ones"

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Formal Transactional Letter
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to express some complaints about the newspaper report that appeared on Monday,about a by-pass for the town of Oldbury.There are information and details about it that are incorrect.I am sure about it because I attended it demonstration.

Firstly,you have to consider in your report that if the people accept this proposal,although more than 2,000 disagreement, they will be leading to the destruction of woodland that has more than 100 years,and of course they are making a damage to the animals and species so special as snails and foxes.

Another incorrect aspect that you make sure at the moment to publish any information is investigate how happened the problem or situation.You said that the protesters chanted slogans and it was almost like a strike,but I saw that it was a silent and peaceful demonstration and the people that participated,specifically youngsters were from many local residents and not from other parts of the country.

As you can see,the information that appears in the newspapers and other kind of means of communication needs to be real and specific.
I am available for interview at any time if you need more details about what happened that day or my opinion about this kind of demonstration.

Yours Faithfully
Alejandra Reyes

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Environmental Survey

1. Do you take any precaution to care the environmental?
2. Do you feel angry when someone throw litter out on the streets?
3. Which are the most important environmental problems that exist in your country?
4. Is the government worried about these kind of problems?Have they taken precautionary measures?
5.In your house do you have different bags or containers to separte the garbage?
6. Do you notice something different on the weather since your was a child until now?
7. What do you feel with the environmental disasters.Do you feel scare or it doesn't care you?
8. Exist a lot of environmental problems,can you mention any?
9. The Ozone afect health and cause environmental problems.Do you take some care about it?
10.Environmental problems afect economy.Are you agree?

Alejandra Reyes
Melissa rodriguez

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Natural disaster-Experience

It happened four years ago when I was camping with my family in the south of Chile.
Our vacations were ending,we had to go next day.So,that day we got up early and we put away all the things.When we had ready to leave it started to rain strongly.We decided to wait a couple of hours,but the rain didn't stop.Besides,the river was growing and we had to leave the campsite to be safe.
Anyway,we wanted to return to Santiago,but we couldn't because the street and bridges were cut and blocked.It was distressing ,we didn't know what to do, but a family near there gave us a shelter.
The vacation last almost three weeks,because we had to wait the construction of new bridges.
Finally,it was a not so terrible.We had more days to rest and come back with all the energy to the pollution of Santiago.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

What can ordinary people do to help in the fight against crime?

One of the big problems nowadays apart of the improvement of education is related to how we can reduce the crimes in our country,introducing any resource that we can imagine.
The first step should be given by the justice system that we have or in fact the justice that doesn't exist.Why it doesn't exist?Well, because every day we can see how some murderers and rapists are making the same crimes and don't have the punishment to go to prision.So, the mission is to create a change in the procedures and kind of punishes.It involve to increase the years of penalty for each crime.
But, what can we do if we live and see all the time in our neighbourhood thefts and rapes?
Clearly,we need to request help to control it in our district.The easiest solution is to have more policeman guarding the streets, the houses,banks,parks...the usual places where these kind of people can commit a crime.
On the other hand,we can organize with our neighbors and create a guard system where theirselves care the other houses when a neighbor has went out,specially in summer when everybody go away on vacation.Also,with the help of them we can save money to buy home alarm system for each one which everybody know them and can recognize when our house has been broken into.
To conclude another important point,is to educate to our children to warn some thefts or mugging.Teaching that they have to make sure who is around them, if they are walking on the street they have to save their belongings,try not to talk with strange people and finally tell them that they can not trust in anybody.

"We need freedom to live"

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Part two
"It should be illegal for parents to hit their children"

Some parents recognize that at least once they have hit to their children in differents situations, like a good way to teach them to not do bad things or wherever they want.
For some people this is a good "method" to teach,but for others,it is a big lack to the children rights.They think that there are other sorts of techniques to change their behavior.For example,parents who have little boys have to punish their boys when they do something bad, or say them all the time"good ,excelent,try again,I'm proud of you...."and not hit them without a reason.
It is necessary to have the ability to listen them,not be so strict and help them when they are in troubles.Some parents are too much strict and see that the only thing that they can do when their children make a mistake is hit them or tell them off .It is the wrong way,nowadays children are the most important.On of the responsabilities of their parents is take care and protect them,they have rights that we need to respect.When a boy or girl is hit by his father or mother several times he has to go to the police.
One of the human rights is to protect to the children and their lives.
Mid -term writting task
Part one
Dear Helen Ryan,
I writing to express my thanks of have won this amazing price.I'm so excited to visit the campsite because I like to be in touch with the nature and it is a fantastic oportunity to have a little holdays.I've had too much work and I need a time for myself.

I would like to go next weekend because that week I don't have to work and it will be the only chance that I will have.As I told you at the beggining,I like the nature and listen the birds singing in the morning,so I prefer to be in a tent rather than cabins.
You mentioned some sports or activities to do there,well I would like to learn to sing.I believe that I have some skills and I would like to develop them.

On the other hand,I would like to know some details for travel. For example,the specific day that I have to travel and how I get there.

Well,that's all from me.I hope your answers soon.If you need extra information I'm available at any time.
Yours Sincerely

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Informal Letter

Dear Yanet,
Sorry it's taken me so long to write,but as you know I've been doing classes of yoga at the gym and I've had to take the last tests and make registrations to the new students who want to go in to the gym,therefore I have to work overtime.In fact,I finished last Friday,so in the evening I went with some friends to celebrate by going to a "Fonda".It is like a store where people go to dance "Cueca",a traditional Chilean dance and eat the typical food like pasties and drinks like "Chicha". Also,in this traditional festival people go with all their family to play some typical games as:"El palo encebado","El emboque"or "La Rayuela".Every september 18 we conmmorate the Chile's birthday.Therefore,It is the most important celebration in our country.

I went with my friends to a fonda called Iorana situated in Parque O 'higgins.A park where every year let to the people to establish their stores or tents.The cheaper store was it.Thedifference of prices between them was high.We danced all the night and knew new people.

Unfortunately,I couldn't get to my house early to celebrate with my family because there were not buses at that time.Spite this,I celebrate with them next day and we had a good time.

Well,that's all from me .Let me know what you've doing recently.
All the best

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chain Stories

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a small and fat goblin in my bedroom,jumping on my bed and eating candies that I had hidden in a bottle inside the cupboard.I was scared because it was ugly and his smile and face transmited a horrible evilness.I couldn't run out of my bedroom because he...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Miriam' s disastrous trip

1. What are some things that Miriam definitely should have done before she left on her trip?

She should have organized her trip: come home early,set her alarm clock and pack the night before.

2. What are some other things that Miriam could have done to make her trip more enjoyable?

She could have found out about the prices, where was exactly Indonesia and see before the trip the guidebook.She couldn't enjoy the trip because she didn't know what to do in that country.

3. What should she do now?

Definitely, She should stay and enjoy in that city and forget her dream, about to know the orangutans.Maybe,she doesn't have more money and if she travel to Sumatra couldn't return to her country because she won't have more money.

Speculating pictures

-The boy must have had some problems to breathe, he couldn't breathe the outside air and needed to use a capsule to brathe with his own air.
- The boy must have had an infectious disease and he couldn't infect to the people where he was working.

-The boy may have used the capsule as a cook hat to make sure that a hair won't fall in a plate.

Picture 2:
-Teenagers must have been rehearsing a play.

-Teenagers may have been practicing a new posture or choreography to their ballet class,using guns to make more creative the choreography.

Picture 3:
-He must have practicing a new kick that learnt in the karate classes.

-The boy may have wanted to frighten to his friend,throwing on him meanwhile he was sleeping.

Picture 4: ( I couln't see it,it was blocked)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The best way to travel in Santiago

Travel nowadays in Santiago is faster than a couple of centuries ago, when we had only buses which people had to wait at least 3 hours to get one,considering that they went past twice in the day.

Today the situation is totally different.There are many kind of transports which are within reach of all.The main way of transport is the subway that has expanded along Santiago.In each district we had it.Some people arrive to the subway station walking or taking a bus.So it's very accessible to anyone.The price of the ticket is moderate it's within 400 pesos and for students 130 pesos.

Despite, some problems with the speed and continuity of them,it is the best way of travel to any place in a short period of time.
However it is not the only way to travel in Chile.Also, there are trains situated in Estacion Mapocho which leave to far places or cities from Santiago for example Rancagua ,ViƱa del Mar,Valparaiso.It is faster than go by car and cheaper than go by plane.

To conclude,as I said at the beginning the subway despite to be uncomfortable because of the huge quantity of people who use it every day and the long rows that they have to make,it's fasther and cheaper than others ways of transport.This takes you wherever you want to go.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Travel Narrow the mind

1. I agree with him in one point. It's unnecesary waist time, money and effort in travel long distances and return in a cuple of days.As the author says, years ago there was a good purpose to travel.It was to search food and get better living conditions but now people travel just to know another country and have a new experience.

Anyway,people like to travel and are not worried if take a long time in arrive to the other city or country,and less if travel is a damage to pollution the environment.

2. People who come to Chile like to visit the south,for example Isla de Pascua or Chiloe.
They go there, because there is a beautiful vegetation,good food, friendly people.
Foreigners spend a lot of money enjoying of these charming places.
So, people who live in the south of Chile receive the major quantity of economic benefits.

Positive and negative effects tourism

Some positive aspects tourism are the high incomes that gets a country when people visit it, generating a lot of money for it.As you can see, when the foreigners go to another country they spend their money in hotels,restaurants,museums.Therefore,gives economic benefits.

On the other hand,the negative aspect would be it destroy the environment.Some people throw and leave garbage in the place that they are.Also,in some occasions they cut trees that are national monumet.

Anyway, the damage to the environment seems to be not so important,because people just see the high incomes that the foreigners give us.

Monday, August 31, 2009

My opinion about the stories

Travel stories

I prefer the storie that I chose,because it gives details about the place and the experience of swimming with turtles.We have the chance to imagine that.
The other storie doesn't say anything about the place,just the experience of a man who travel to The Virgen Islands.It doesn't give characteristics of the place,so is a little boring.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Travel Stories
Swimming with turtles atPulau Perhentian Kecil,Malaysia
1. Give some characteristics about Pulau Perhentian.

2. How many snorkeling trips they had around the islands ? Was it the same experience than in Mexico?.

3. What was the first thing that he saw when he was swimming?.

4. At the end of his travel,Was he regret of something?

5. How can he describe his experience?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Living in the city or in the countryside

Living in the city or living in the countryside is a good topic of discussion, you are always thinking what is the best place to live considering many elements to choose one.Although,you have to have in mind that both have some advantages and disavantages.For example,"The Neigbours".When you live in the city you have neighbours around your house they know all your life,you make a link with them,but in some cases it is not so good, because you don't have your own privacity.But, when you live in the countryside you don't have a neighbour next to your house they live far from you in another plot,so you have a little more of privacity.

On the one hand,we have the city life which is more comfortable, because the technology and electricity helped to make the people'life easier.In your house you have all the necessary to live without make a hard effort,instead in some cases in the countryside, people don't have electrity and naturally they don't have the oportunity to use some domestic appliance to facilitate their lives.Another important point,is that children can get a better education,because there are more and better schools than in the country.In the country there is only one and children have to walk many streets to get there.But not all is so good, the noises of the buses are awful and the people are all the time angry and stressed out because of work overload.

On the other hand,we have the countryside life which is beautiful.You can see that people try to protect their costumes,a life more peaceful,without stress and harmful elements to the people.For this reason,people is more friendly and greet you without know you.All the peolpe is smiling and you feel another environment.But a negative side,is that people have to travel to the city for supply their needs,for example,to go to the hospital they have to get a bus that take at least two hours to arrive to the village.

Despite, the life in the city is more comfortable because you have more access to the technolgy, in the countryside you live outdoors without pollution and noises like the buses,you are in touch with the nature and breathe fresh air.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brighton Marina Coaches

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the service that you gave me.An excursion trip to France which didn't carry out an agreement and I didn't enyoy it.

Firstly,you had to reserve the place a day ,in this case the hypermarket to visit it and not make long queues at checkouts.We had to spend approximately 1 hour there,waiting for pay some products that we bought there.The hypermarket was crowded and there were just four checkouts and the others didn't work.After this,at we are hungry we wanted to go to eat to the most charming restaurants that prepared the best food of the city,but we couldn't because we arrive late and they were closed.

To make matters worse,the travel was horrific.The seat were uncomfortable and hard.The air-conditioning was not working.The air was hot and a disgusting mixture of smells.I was suffocated I needed something to drink but the fridge was not working either.I wanted to go out of that bus in that moment and arrive early to the city.
According to the terms of your service you didn't fulfill with the objectives of the trip.I signed a contract which said that if I was not satisfied with the service you have to give me back my money.I supposed to receive this money immediately.I had put all my trust in you and you were very irresponsible.

As you can imagine,I am rather disappointed and obviously angry with the service offered by you company.I trust you will now give the matter your immediate attention .

Yours faithfully

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Phrasal Verbs and collocations-Come
1. I don't have time to come round to your party.I'm very busy.
2. My niece is coming up with the measles.She won´t go to school the next two weeks.
3. I came to the conclusion that she was not my friend.She has lied to me many times.
4. I was looking for some photos in the drawer,when I came across a letter from my ex-boyfriend.
5. I came up with a solution for the project,but nobody accepted my idea.

In my case,I think that I am at risk.According to the survey I was in agreement with three of them.I like so much go shopping and buy anything that I need,specially clothes.I have to buy at least one thing in a week.
This is a big problem for me my mother tell me off, because she say that I have to spend my money in another things or save it.
I don't know what advice can I give you,just learn how to manage your money.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


An old friendship
When I was a child I had a friend called Karen,she lived near to me, we were in the the same school, she went to my home to study, we went out to different places togheter...we shared all the day togheter. We were good friends from 5 years of age,but the friendship broke off a pair of years ago, when she moved to another house and known other kind of people,she started to make new friends.I always called her but she didn't return the calls.

This year in January or February, I went to the shooping mall to buy a gift for my brother´s birthday .The saleswoman who attended me was...Karen,my ex-best friend.
I was very happy and excited . She embraced me and we cried.All the people were looking at us.It was a nice moment.

She had changed her style of dressing.Now she wears black clothes,she has spiky red hair,a lot of piercings in her face and a tatoo in her right shoulder and she is more slim from the last time that I saw her.
I was very happy because I met her but I note that she didn't look very well,her eyes looked sad,she had an emaciated face and her body looked tired.We couldn't talk very much,because she had to work.We promised to kept in touch and go out next weekend.I would like to be her friend again.
"The friendship is the ingredient of the recipe of the life".

Thursday, June 25, 2009


1. What kind of situations you consider are reasons to split up with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
2. Did you fell for of your boyfriend/girlfriend inmediately when you saw him/her?
3.Do you remember the exact date when you started going out with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
4. Would you like your grandparents bright up your children?
5. What kind of things or situation let down you?
6. Do you remember some aspects of the place where you grew up?
7. Name 2 qualities of your father or mother that you look up to him/her
8. When someone makes something wrong do you tell him/her off?
9. Did you get up to bad things in your childhood?
10. Do you know a good technique to get over a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Coastal Campsites require

Dear Sir or Madam,
I really liked the sound of the job I saw the advetisement in the newspaper "Summer jobs in the UK,Coastal Campsites require".

I like working sharing with people of different ages , be in contact with the nature and know different places.
I've worked in summer campsites from 17 years old,specially in the section of administration, and also in the area of outdoor games,because my aunt have a campsite in the south of Chile and I worked with her many years.
One of the things that I know to do is to use the computer, because I did a full-course in computation.On the other hand, I lived in England 5 years, and learnt to speak english very well.So, I think that I have some skills to develop the job of Receptionist Assistant.

My interests also include: play tennis,swimming and acting .
I feel I would be a good contribution because I'm cheerful ,hard-working and well -educated so,I know how to deal to the people.

By the way, I would like to know for example how many hours I have to work , the pay for this, some aspects about the accommodation and another important thing is How long's the contract for?
I am available for the interview at any time and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully
Alejandra Reyes

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A moment of happiness


A moment of Happiness

This is story happended a month ago, when I was working in the fair with my mom.
Well, my mother has little store located on the street, where she sells fruits and vegetables.You can see fairs every day in different places of the city , long rows with stores where you can buy cheaper things.

The story started when I found a bill throw it on the ground, but specifically in the store of my mother!.
I was arrangening the fruit when I saw it.I felt happy but the happiness finished when a person that has another store in front of the my mother`store saw it.

He neared to me and told me : " Take, this coin (five hundred pesos)was thrown in your store"and he went away.
Suddenly,I looked the bill but...It was not there! so he stole it,he changed it by the coin.
I was so angry that I went to stand up to him, one of the things that I told him was that he had lied to me because he changed the bill by the coin and he had to give my bill back.
He also angry and told me why I didn`t pick it up before.

Finally, he gave it back, but I was thinking all the week if I did it well or if it was the correct way of doing the things.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My favourite movie,review

My best friend´s wedding

It is a romantic movie, and the main characters are: Julianne, interpreted by Julia Robert
Kimberly interpreted by Cameron Diaz
Michel interpreted by DermotMulroney.

Julianne and Michael had had a realtionship and had been friends for many years but they split up to look for their own lives.
One day, Michael called Julianne to told her that he is going to marry next month. He wants to meet her because it is the most important moment in his life, and she is his best friend.However,Julianne thinks that she is fall in love yet.She confused and jealous, take a airplane to the Michel's house and take part in the preparation of the wedding.

She makes bad things to cancel the wedding,she behaves very bad, but all the things that she made didn't work,because Michael was fall in love with Kimberly,but Julianne continued in
break up the relationship between Michael and Kimberly .

Finally,Michael and Kimberly get married, and Julianne thinks that she lost the love of her life,the best man in the world,but they always will be good friends.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dear Maria,

Many thanks for your last letter.I`m so happy you`re going to visit my country next month. It`s great fun. We`re going to go to different places for example to some museums, shopping malls, and restaurants.

How to get my apartment?Well, it´s so easy.When you arrive to the airport there is a green bus which go to the trains station called San Borja where you have to get the subway(It´s more comfortable and cheaper than the buses)in direction to La Cisterna.When you come, in front the Metro there is a big school, next to this one, you´re going to see a brown building, in the third floor I live.

Another important point,is that you have to bring,comfortable and light chothes,because the weather here is hot ,we are in full summer.

Anyway, I must go, tomorrow have to get up early to go to work.Can´t wait to see you again.

Best wishes


Thursday, April 30, 2009

The computer has greatly improved our lives today

The computer has greatly improved our lives today

Computer is one of the most important invents that the man have created.It has a lot of advantages,it is really good for those who use them,computer make your life easier.

On the one hand, computer are faster than any other browser, you can find and receive information easier.You introduce any title of any topic and appear different information.
On the other hand,It is very usuful for teenagers who need to do their homeworks,for teachers who need to prepeare their classes...all need a computer at home for anything.

Nowadays, anyone can have a computer,they are cheaper than three or four years ago.
Is one of the elemnts that you have to have with you, is a good source of information, it is a help in your learning.
Moreover,is a good way to be in contact with others, you can send and receive e-mails inmediately, you can know places, countries without go there.

In conclusion, the computer is a clever and usuful advice , and also the internet.They have affected our lives in the way of working and communicating.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My song

Here there are some paragraphs of my favourite song:GEORGE MICHAEL - JESUS TO A CHILD

Kindness in your eyesI guess you heard me cryYou smiled at meLike jesus to a childI'm blessed i knowHeaven sent and heaven stoleYou smiled at me likeJesus to a childAnd what have i learnedFrom all this painI thought i'd never feel the sameAbout anyone or anything againBut now i know.

When you find a loveWhen you know that it existsThen the lover that you missWill come to you on those cold, cold nightsWhen you've been lovedWhen you know it holds such blissThen the lover that you kissedWill comfort you when there's no hope in sight

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Love is like Music

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dear Mark..letter

Dear Mark,

Many thanks for your last letter.Your life is so fun, be with the animals, work on the farm ,it sounds good.I`m sorry I haven`t written sooner;but I `ve been busy helping my parents to move to a new house.This is a big house,it has a swimming pool,next to it there is a small river...similar to your house.

It`s great fun, though I still haven`t got used to be in this house, it is so big and I fell so alone here.I don`t know to anybody and it is so far from my friends`house and the centre of the city,but my parents are very happy because is a quiet place and the people too.

That reminds me,do you remember Susan,my best friend?Well,she`s living with us, because she is pregnant and her parants didn`t support her.I´m very sorry,but I´d love to accept your invitation to go your house,but I have to be with her,she needs my help to take care her baby.

Anyway,I must go, tomorrow I have to do a lot of things.Can`t wait to hear from you.

Best wishes


Thursday, April 9, 2009

My favourite song is "Jesus to a child",the singer is George Michael.
I love this song because talks about love,when you find a love and you know that it exist,and the pain when someone is fall in love. .
I chose it ,because the artist is so handsome ,I like romantic songs and identify me.