Thursday, July 2, 2009


An old friendship
When I was a child I had a friend called Karen,she lived near to me, we were in the the same school, she went to my home to study, we went out to different places togheter...we shared all the day togheter. We were good friends from 5 years of age,but the friendship broke off a pair of years ago, when she moved to another house and known other kind of people,she started to make new friends.I always called her but she didn't return the calls.

This year in January or February, I went to the shooping mall to buy a gift for my brother´s birthday .The saleswoman who attended me was...Karen,my ex-best friend.
I was very happy and excited . She embraced me and we cried.All the people were looking at us.It was a nice moment.

She had changed her style of dressing.Now she wears black clothes,she has spiky red hair,a lot of piercings in her face and a tatoo in her right shoulder and she is more slim from the last time that I saw her.
I was very happy because I met her but I note that she didn't look very well,her eyes looked sad,she had an emaciated face and her body looked tired.We couldn't talk very much,because she had to work.We promised to kept in touch and go out next weekend.I would like to be her friend again.
"The friendship is the ingredient of the recipe of the life".