Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dear Maria,

Many thanks for your last letter.I`m so happy you`re going to visit my country next month. It`s great fun. We`re going to go to different places for example to some museums, shopping malls, and restaurants.

How to get my apartment?Well, it´s so easy.When you arrive to the airport there is a green bus which go to the trains station called San Borja where you have to get the subway(It´s more comfortable and cheaper than the buses)in direction to La Cisterna.When you come, in front the Metro there is a big school, next to this one, you´re going to see a brown building, in the third floor I live.

Another important point,is that you have to bring,comfortable and light chothes,because the weather here is hot ,we are in full summer.

Anyway, I must go, tomorrow have to get up early to go to work.Can´t wait to see you again.

Best wishes