Thursday, June 25, 2009


1. What kind of situations you consider are reasons to split up with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
2. Did you fell for of your boyfriend/girlfriend inmediately when you saw him/her?
3.Do you remember the exact date when you started going out with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
4. Would you like your grandparents bright up your children?
5. What kind of things or situation let down you?
6. Do you remember some aspects of the place where you grew up?
7. Name 2 qualities of your father or mother that you look up to him/her
8. When someone makes something wrong do you tell him/her off?
9. Did you get up to bad things in your childhood?
10. Do you know a good technique to get over a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Coastal Campsites require

Dear Sir or Madam,
I really liked the sound of the job I saw the advetisement in the newspaper "Summer jobs in the UK,Coastal Campsites require".

I like working sharing with people of different ages , be in contact with the nature and know different places.
I've worked in summer campsites from 17 years old,specially in the section of administration, and also in the area of outdoor games,because my aunt have a campsite in the south of Chile and I worked with her many years.
One of the things that I know to do is to use the computer, because I did a full-course in computation.On the other hand, I lived in England 5 years, and learnt to speak english very well.So, I think that I have some skills to develop the job of Receptionist Assistant.

My interests also include: play tennis,swimming and acting .
I feel I would be a good contribution because I'm cheerful ,hard-working and well -educated so,I know how to deal to the people.

By the way, I would like to know for example how many hours I have to work , the pay for this, some aspects about the accommodation and another important thing is How long's the contract for?
I am available for the interview at any time and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully
Alejandra Reyes

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A moment of happiness


A moment of Happiness

This is story happended a month ago, when I was working in the fair with my mom.
Well, my mother has little store located on the street, where she sells fruits and vegetables.You can see fairs every day in different places of the city , long rows with stores where you can buy cheaper things.

The story started when I found a bill throw it on the ground, but specifically in the store of my mother!.
I was arrangening the fruit when I saw it.I felt happy but the happiness finished when a person that has another store in front of the my mother`store saw it.

He neared to me and told me : " Take, this coin (five hundred pesos)was thrown in your store"and he went away.
Suddenly,I looked the bill but...It was not there! so he stole it,he changed it by the coin.
I was so angry that I went to stand up to him, one of the things that I told him was that he had lied to me because he changed the bill by the coin and he had to give my bill back.
He also angry and told me why I didn`t pick it up before.

Finally, he gave it back, but I was thinking all the week if I did it well or if it was the correct way of doing the things.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My favourite movie,review

My best friend´s wedding

It is a romantic movie, and the main characters are: Julianne, interpreted by Julia Robert
Kimberly interpreted by Cameron Diaz
Michel interpreted by DermotMulroney.

Julianne and Michael had had a realtionship and had been friends for many years but they split up to look for their own lives.
One day, Michael called Julianne to told her that he is going to marry next month. He wants to meet her because it is the most important moment in his life, and she is his best friend.However,Julianne thinks that she is fall in love yet.She confused and jealous, take a airplane to the Michel's house and take part in the preparation of the wedding.

She makes bad things to cancel the wedding,she behaves very bad, but all the things that she made didn't work,because Michael was fall in love with Kimberly,but Julianne continued in
break up the relationship between Michael and Kimberly .

Finally,Michael and Kimberly get married, and Julianne thinks that she lost the love of her life,the best man in the world,but they always will be good friends.