Thursday, September 24, 2009

Informal Letter

Dear Yanet,
Sorry it's taken me so long to write,but as you know I've been doing classes of yoga at the gym and I've had to take the last tests and make registrations to the new students who want to go in to the gym,therefore I have to work overtime.In fact,I finished last Friday,so in the evening I went with some friends to celebrate by going to a "Fonda".It is like a store where people go to dance "Cueca",a traditional Chilean dance and eat the typical food like pasties and drinks like "Chicha". Also,in this traditional festival people go with all their family to play some typical games as:"El palo encebado","El emboque"or "La Rayuela".Every september 18 we conmmorate the Chile's birthday.Therefore,It is the most important celebration in our country.

I went with my friends to a fonda called Iorana situated in Parque O 'higgins.A park where every year let to the people to establish their stores or tents.The cheaper store was it.Thedifference of prices between them was high.We danced all the night and knew new people.

Unfortunately,I couldn't get to my house early to celebrate with my family because there were not buses at that time.Spite this,I celebrate with them next day and we had a good time.

Well,that's all from me .Let me know what you've doing recently.
All the best

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chain Stories

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a small and fat goblin in my bedroom,jumping on my bed and eating candies that I had hidden in a bottle inside the cupboard.I was scared because it was ugly and his smile and face transmited a horrible evilness.I couldn't run out of my bedroom because he...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Miriam' s disastrous trip

1. What are some things that Miriam definitely should have done before she left on her trip?

She should have organized her trip: come home early,set her alarm clock and pack the night before.

2. What are some other things that Miriam could have done to make her trip more enjoyable?

She could have found out about the prices, where was exactly Indonesia and see before the trip the guidebook.She couldn't enjoy the trip because she didn't know what to do in that country.

3. What should she do now?

Definitely, She should stay and enjoy in that city and forget her dream, about to know the orangutans.Maybe,she doesn't have more money and if she travel to Sumatra couldn't return to her country because she won't have more money.

Speculating pictures

-The boy must have had some problems to breathe, he couldn't breathe the outside air and needed to use a capsule to brathe with his own air.
- The boy must have had an infectious disease and he couldn't infect to the people where he was working.

-The boy may have used the capsule as a cook hat to make sure that a hair won't fall in a plate.

Picture 2:
-Teenagers must have been rehearsing a play.

-Teenagers may have been practicing a new posture or choreography to their ballet class,using guns to make more creative the choreography.

Picture 3:
-He must have practicing a new kick that learnt in the karate classes.

-The boy may have wanted to frighten to his friend,throwing on him meanwhile he was sleeping.

Picture 4: ( I couln't see it,it was blocked)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The best way to travel in Santiago

Travel nowadays in Santiago is faster than a couple of centuries ago, when we had only buses which people had to wait at least 3 hours to get one,considering that they went past twice in the day.

Today the situation is totally different.There are many kind of transports which are within reach of all.The main way of transport is the subway that has expanded along Santiago.In each district we had it.Some people arrive to the subway station walking or taking a bus.So it's very accessible to anyone.The price of the ticket is moderate it's within 400 pesos and for students 130 pesos.

Despite, some problems with the speed and continuity of them,it is the best way of travel to any place in a short period of time.
However it is not the only way to travel in Chile.Also, there are trains situated in Estacion Mapocho which leave to far places or cities from Santiago for example Rancagua ,ViƱa del Mar,Valparaiso.It is faster than go by car and cheaper than go by plane.

To conclude,as I said at the beginning the subway despite to be uncomfortable because of the huge quantity of people who use it every day and the long rows that they have to make,it's fasther and cheaper than others ways of transport.This takes you wherever you want to go.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Travel Narrow the mind

1. I agree with him in one point. It's unnecesary waist time, money and effort in travel long distances and return in a cuple of days.As the author says, years ago there was a good purpose to travel.It was to search food and get better living conditions but now people travel just to know another country and have a new experience.

Anyway,people like to travel and are not worried if take a long time in arrive to the other city or country,and less if travel is a damage to pollution the environment.

2. People who come to Chile like to visit the south,for example Isla de Pascua or Chiloe.
They go there, because there is a beautiful vegetation,good food, friendly people.
Foreigners spend a lot of money enjoying of these charming places.
So, people who live in the south of Chile receive the major quantity of economic benefits.

Positive and negative effects tourism

Some positive aspects tourism are the high incomes that gets a country when people visit it, generating a lot of money for it.As you can see, when the foreigners go to another country they spend their money in hotels,restaurants,museums.Therefore,gives economic benefits.

On the other hand,the negative aspect would be it destroy the environment.Some people throw and leave garbage in the place that they are.Also,in some occasions they cut trees that are national monumet.

Anyway, the damage to the environment seems to be not so important,because people just see the high incomes that the foreigners give us.