Thursday, April 30, 2009

The computer has greatly improved our lives today

The computer has greatly improved our lives today

Computer is one of the most important invents that the man have created.It has a lot of advantages,it is really good for those who use them,computer make your life easier.

On the one hand, computer are faster than any other browser, you can find and receive information easier.You introduce any title of any topic and appear different information.
On the other hand,It is very usuful for teenagers who need to do their homeworks,for teachers who need to prepeare their classes...all need a computer at home for anything.

Nowadays, anyone can have a computer,they are cheaper than three or four years ago.
Is one of the elemnts that you have to have with you, is a good source of information, it is a help in your learning.
Moreover,is a good way to be in contact with others, you can send and receive e-mails inmediately, you can know places, countries without go there.

In conclusion, the computer is a clever and usuful advice , and also the internet.They have affected our lives in the way of working and communicating.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My song

Here there are some paragraphs of my favourite song:GEORGE MICHAEL - JESUS TO A CHILD

Kindness in your eyesI guess you heard me cryYou smiled at meLike jesus to a childI'm blessed i knowHeaven sent and heaven stoleYou smiled at me likeJesus to a childAnd what have i learnedFrom all this painI thought i'd never feel the sameAbout anyone or anything againBut now i know.

When you find a loveWhen you know that it existsThen the lover that you missWill come to you on those cold, cold nightsWhen you've been lovedWhen you know it holds such blissThen the lover that you kissedWill comfort you when there's no hope in sight

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Love is like Music

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dear Mark..letter

Dear Mark,

Many thanks for your last letter.Your life is so fun, be with the animals, work on the farm ,it sounds good.I`m sorry I haven`t written sooner;but I `ve been busy helping my parents to move to a new house.This is a big house,it has a swimming pool,next to it there is a small river...similar to your house.

It`s great fun, though I still haven`t got used to be in this house, it is so big and I fell so alone here.I don`t know to anybody and it is so far from my friends`house and the centre of the city,but my parents are very happy because is a quiet place and the people too.

That reminds me,do you remember Susan,my best friend?Well,she`s living with us, because she is pregnant and her parants didn`t support her.I´m very sorry,but I´d love to accept your invitation to go your house,but I have to be with her,she needs my help to take care her baby.

Anyway,I must go, tomorrow I have to do a lot of things.Can`t wait to hear from you.

Best wishes


Thursday, April 9, 2009

My favourite song is "Jesus to a child",the singer is George Michael.
I love this song because talks about love,when you find a love and you know that it exist,and the pain when someone is fall in love. .
I chose it ,because the artist is so handsome ,I like romantic songs and identify me.