Monday, August 31, 2009

My opinion about the stories

Travel stories

I prefer the storie that I chose,because it gives details about the place and the experience of swimming with turtles.We have the chance to imagine that.
The other storie doesn't say anything about the place,just the experience of a man who travel to The Virgen Islands.It doesn't give characteristics of the place,so is a little boring.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Travel Stories
Swimming with turtles atPulau Perhentian Kecil,Malaysia
1. Give some characteristics about Pulau Perhentian.

2. How many snorkeling trips they had around the islands ? Was it the same experience than in Mexico?.

3. What was the first thing that he saw when he was swimming?.

4. At the end of his travel,Was he regret of something?

5. How can he describe his experience?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Living in the city or in the countryside

Living in the city or living in the countryside is a good topic of discussion, you are always thinking what is the best place to live considering many elements to choose one.Although,you have to have in mind that both have some advantages and disavantages.For example,"The Neigbours".When you live in the city you have neighbours around your house they know all your life,you make a link with them,but in some cases it is not so good, because you don't have your own privacity.But, when you live in the countryside you don't have a neighbour next to your house they live far from you in another plot,so you have a little more of privacity.

On the one hand,we have the city life which is more comfortable, because the technology and electricity helped to make the people'life easier.In your house you have all the necessary to live without make a hard effort,instead in some cases in the countryside, people don't have electrity and naturally they don't have the oportunity to use some domestic appliance to facilitate their lives.Another important point,is that children can get a better education,because there are more and better schools than in the country.In the country there is only one and children have to walk many streets to get there.But not all is so good, the noises of the buses are awful and the people are all the time angry and stressed out because of work overload.

On the other hand,we have the countryside life which is beautiful.You can see that people try to protect their costumes,a life more peaceful,without stress and harmful elements to the people.For this reason,people is more friendly and greet you without know you.All the peolpe is smiling and you feel another environment.But a negative side,is that people have to travel to the city for supply their needs,for example,to go to the hospital they have to get a bus that take at least two hours to arrive to the village.

Despite, the life in the city is more comfortable because you have more access to the technolgy, in the countryside you live outdoors without pollution and noises like the buses,you are in touch with the nature and breathe fresh air.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brighton Marina Coaches

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the service that you gave me.An excursion trip to France which didn't carry out an agreement and I didn't enyoy it.

Firstly,you had to reserve the place a day ,in this case the hypermarket to visit it and not make long queues at checkouts.We had to spend approximately 1 hour there,waiting for pay some products that we bought there.The hypermarket was crowded and there were just four checkouts and the others didn't work.After this,at we are hungry we wanted to go to eat to the most charming restaurants that prepared the best food of the city,but we couldn't because we arrive late and they were closed.

To make matters worse,the travel was horrific.The seat were uncomfortable and hard.The air-conditioning was not working.The air was hot and a disgusting mixture of smells.I was suffocated I needed something to drink but the fridge was not working either.I wanted to go out of that bus in that moment and arrive early to the city.
According to the terms of your service you didn't fulfill with the objectives of the trip.I signed a contract which said that if I was not satisfied with the service you have to give me back my money.I supposed to receive this money immediately.I had put all my trust in you and you were very irresponsible.

As you can imagine,I am rather disappointed and obviously angry with the service offered by you company.I trust you will now give the matter your immediate attention .

Yours faithfully

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Phrasal Verbs and collocations-Come
1. I don't have time to come round to your party.I'm very busy.
2. My niece is coming up with the measles.She won´t go to school the next two weeks.
3. I came to the conclusion that she was not my friend.She has lied to me many times.
4. I was looking for some photos in the drawer,when I came across a letter from my ex-boyfriend.
5. I came up with a solution for the project,but nobody accepted my idea.

In my case,I think that I am at risk.According to the survey I was in agreement with three of them.I like so much go shopping and buy anything that I need,specially clothes.I have to buy at least one thing in a week.
This is a big problem for me my mother tell me off, because she say that I have to spend my money in another things or save it.
I don't know what advice can I give you,just learn how to manage your money.