Thursday, October 29, 2009

What can ordinary people do to help in the fight against crime?

One of the big problems nowadays apart of the improvement of education is related to how we can reduce the crimes in our country,introducing any resource that we can imagine.
The first step should be given by the justice system that we have or in fact the justice that doesn't exist.Why it doesn't exist?Well, because every day we can see how some murderers and rapists are making the same crimes and don't have the punishment to go to prision.So, the mission is to create a change in the procedures and kind of punishes.It involve to increase the years of penalty for each crime.
But, what can we do if we live and see all the time in our neighbourhood thefts and rapes?
Clearly,we need to request help to control it in our district.The easiest solution is to have more policeman guarding the streets, the houses,banks,parks...the usual places where these kind of people can commit a crime.
On the other hand,we can organize with our neighbors and create a guard system where theirselves care the other houses when a neighbor has went out,specially in summer when everybody go away on vacation.Also,with the help of them we can save money to buy home alarm system for each one which everybody know them and can recognize when our house has been broken into.
To conclude another important point,is to educate to our children to warn some thefts or mugging.Teaching that they have to make sure who is around them, if they are walking on the street they have to save their belongings,try not to talk with strange people and finally tell them that they can not trust in anybody.

"We need freedom to live"

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  1. You have some great ideas about fighting crime. I agree with you about creating an organization with neighbours, this probably happens in small towns but unfortunately in cities people tend not to trust one another.

    You haven't included a clear conclusion that summarizes your ideas and opinions. Also, be careful with word formation.

    murders = murderers
    punishes = punishment
    easier = easiest