Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Natural disaster-Experience

It happened four years ago when I was camping with my family in the south of Chile.
Our vacations were ending,we had to go next day.So,that day we got up early and we put away all the things.When we had ready to leave it started to rain strongly.We decided to wait a couple of hours,but the rain didn't stop.Besides,the river was growing and we had to leave the campsite to be safe.
Anyway,we wanted to return to Santiago,but we couldn't because the street and bridges were cut and blocked.It was distressing ,we didn't know what to do, but a family near there gave us a shelter.
The vacation last almost three weeks,because we had to wait the construction of new bridges.
Finally,it was a not so terrible.We had more days to rest and come back with all the energy to the pollution of Santiago.

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