Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crime and Environment Review
Torture has existed in many countries even in our society.Some people receive corporal punishment because they have another sort of thought or ideology that are opposite to the rules,doctrines or political system of that country.
Nowadays,there are organizations that help to the people that have been tortured.It provide them psychosocial assistance,therapies and different levels of support with the help of professionals.
Grafitti is a good way to express our feelings about different topics in which we are in favor or in against.The problem is when you paint in walls where you can't paint for example in private places as houses.You need to request permission to paint it and the expression that you want to
do, it can't damage the image of the country.
Drunk Driving:
It is one of the worst crimes that make a person.It is so irresponsible driving when you are drunk.You have to think that you can have an accident and kill innocent people.

"Care your life and the other ones"

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