Thursday, November 5, 2009

Environmental Survey

1. Do you take any precaution to care the environmental?
2. Do you feel angry when someone throw litter out on the streets?
3. Which are the most important environmental problems that exist in your country?
4. Is the government worried about these kind of problems?Have they taken precautionary measures?
5.In your house do you have different bags or containers to separte the garbage?
6. Do you notice something different on the weather since your was a child until now?
7. What do you feel with the environmental disasters.Do you feel scare or it doesn't care you?
8. Exist a lot of environmental problems,can you mention any?
9. The Ozone afect health and cause environmental problems.Do you take some care about it?
10.Environmental problems afect economy.Are you agree?

Alejandra Reyes
Melissa rodriguez

1 comment:

  1. 1.Yes, I buy some product that not damage to environment

    2.Yes, sometimes I felt angry when people throw litter out on the streets I get impression that people aren’t conscious.

    3.The typical problem are: pollution, noise pollution, the garbage.

    4.The government have taken measures like that incorporation the new buses that not contaminate, to design of program by companies to avoid less pollution.

    5.In my house, we used garbage bag and our separate out the thing cardboard and plastic bottle.

    6.Yes, since I was a child until now the weather have changed in specially in the winter and summer. Nowadays exist high temperatures over 35º in the summer and it’s impossible take the heat.

    7.Really I feel sad to see imagen the environment disasters like that spillage of petroleum on the sea, etc.

    8.The environmental problem are pollution, the forest cut down, the hunt of animal

    9.I protect to against of solar beam and I used to cream by protect my skin.

    10.Yes, I agree because environmental problem affect the culture, the crops, to the cattle, delay the production and the same time the exports go down and the economy by country do not develop.